Garden sluttery and lavender baggery


The garden has been neglected (and is none the worse for that)…I’m sluttily leaving it until the second half of September, when I shall whip things into shape in that ‘back to school’ way we all have.

What HAVE I been doing?

well, mothering really. A three year old takes rather a lot of creative energy. You have to stay one step ahead.

I rarely manage it, so it’s mostly me, running on a treadmill, really fast, just to stay in the same place, if you see what I mean.


This is not a blog, just some pictures of the lavender bag we made together… (or rather, I sewed, and she said ‘oh commmoooooooon mummy’)















Sometimes I think this blog should be titled “An excuse to show you my small daughter’s beautiful dimpled hands”.

…but for information’s sake, you dry your lavender for a couple of weeks, pull it off its stem, make a little bag from some old, thin Liberty lawn (and using backstitch, of course…this is not the sort of thing for which one would go hoiking out the sewing machine…cumbersome things). I do not even hem – pinking shears do nicely – and tie the thing with a proper ribbon or bit of grosgrain.
















The result is surprisingly heady, and I shall probably make more, because one small bag really does make a whole drawer smell delicious.

I’m taking a break for a bit now. Normal business will be resumed when the blogging god tells me to get on with it.

Until then xx

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