Confessions of an idle gardener…

I didn’t die….

…but I HAVE been a bit distracted with things other than blogging recently.



We’re heading into Christmas (I love Christmas), and this year everyone’s coming to MY house, which will mean ‘decking the halls’ properly, WITH toddler, who has informed me that she expects to be involved in a big way. All that to come….

But meanwhile I wanted to shout from the rooftops (very late, but better late than never) about a brilliant talk by the wonderful Matthew Wilson on autumn plants that I went to at Clifton Nurseries. Luckily they’re still going on, so if you fancy some winter inspiration PLUS a shoppatunity, then book yourself in asap. I was particularly thrilled to be given the low-down on some grasses that I was lusting after, and these are definitely on my Christmas list.

…Oh, and also you get CAKE.

I re-did my window-boxes when I got home, by plonking in some chillies that I bought on impulse on my way out (as you do)…They were initially for a halloweeny fix, but they are still going strong and I love them….the white cyclamen will just have to wait a while…

…And I haven’t been totally idle.

I DID sow my sweet peas, and I DID sow my hardy annuals, and I DID make toffee apples, sir *curtsies*

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