When we all suddenly sober up and get organised…

My small child has started ‘big school’. She went off without a backward glance and pronounces it ‘good’. She won’t tell me anything else, except what they gave her for lunch. I reckon that’s the most important bit anyway. Lunch.

I gave the lawn one last mow on our last warm day….

…and I’ve been picking up windfalls daily.

My sweetpeas are dried up and crispy, the buddleia has entirely fallen over, a multitude of things need chopping or tidying or sweeping or scrubbing…

…and I think about all this, and realise that I might get around to it all in November perhaps, instead of watching everyone grow a moustache on Facebook.

There is ONE thing to be smug about though, and it is my water-butt. All plumbed in and working beautifully. Every time it rains, I am happy inside.

Here it is, along with some ideas about how to disguise yours (should you so wish), over here on my Crocus blog.



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