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A gooseberry salsa…(sort-of)

  Blogging food recipes has become a bit of a mind-game of late, and I’m fully blaming radio 4’s brilliant comedy ‘In and Out of the Kitchen’, about a food writer, Damien Trench, who lives in Queen’s Park with his partner Anthony, and who basically wants to BE Nigel Slater. His voice, when reciting his […]

A vase of Nigella

Nigella – one of those blooms that makes you feel like a professional photographer…impossible to take a bad photo of it. I have an abundance this year, thanks to my sowing a few plants two years ago, and being scandalously lax with the weeding etc. ever since. Their beauty is that they spread, without asking […]

Chelsea 2014: Highlights

It was hot and sweaty…the kind of weather in which a lady in a corset would swoon. Luckily I was not in my corset yesterday…but I do want to salute the high-heeled brigade; extremely impressive…I am in awe. The judges have their criteria, but I know nothing of that. Here are my top ten Chelsea […]

Mini lawns, minus the mowing

  The weather has turned, and I need to mow, but it’s too wet, so I’m satisfying my need for a tidy sword indoors with some Chamomile (added benefit…it has the most delicious appley smell). Here’s how to do it, and some other ideas for indoor lawns.  

There are men in my garden…

…they have been busy doing things for a while. First they dug a hole. I’ve noticed that generally, men love to dig holes. Just look at them closely next time you pass some road-works. They have a good dig, and then they straighten up and admire the hole they’ve made. They often chat about the […]

Agapanthus 101

 How to grow Agapanthus My first day off yesterday, in just short of a year, and I got to spend it ogling at pretty flowers with the marvellous Debora who lunches with me irregularly, and shares my passion for extremely bad television. We were at the RHS Spring Show – that vast hall, with the concentrated […]

A little languid sowing…

I completely forgot to post this little foray with Cobaea scandens…pretty much my fave climber. Thanks to Mr Higgledy (who writes on his blog everything you ever need to know about this plant), I was reminded this morning…so here you go. I ALSO forgot to say that I usually put a little plastic bag over […]

Bedside bulbs #2

Daffs and muscari.   …started off life like this, (below) back in October…. I put them by the bed, because I am up a lot at night, and, well, they add a bit of cheer to the proceedings.. xxx x  

Go outside and play!

Lovely parcel in the mail the other day. I don’t think that childish thrill of getting a parcel in the post will ever leave me. Brown paper packages and all that… This one was in a jiffy bag, and it contained Dawn Isaac’s new book:   I suppose I should give you a disclaimer here, […]

Snowdrops and Happiness

Snowdrops, gone over but not forgotten from Laetitia Maklouf on Vimeo. I made a little video…many reasons but mainly because I sit around tapping away at my computer for far longer than I strictly enjoy. Doing a video takes less time, and I get to smile at you (yes, all three of you….love you mum, […]