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On Spring, Perfection, Yanking stuff out, and Dead wood…

Hello – a little post about gardening, and happiness… I’ve been out there with my garden, clearing, weeding, dividing and re-planting and generally yanking stuff out. It’s a new thing, this removal of stuff; the garden has reached its tipping point. The shrubs I planted four years ago have settled in and spread, obliterating the […]

By the bed: February posy

Exquisite small things, photographed past their best but none-the-worse for that… Picked by my four-year-old, (with a little help from my mother) Ingredients: Narcissi, crocus, rosemary, pulmonaria, and one rather floppy hellebore. I particularly love crocus indoors as they start basking…. …tangerine stamens against purple…that’s a colour combo.

Bedside bulbs

Happy Valentines x I wanted to share something I’ve been doing over at my Crocus blog – my mossy, irisy knoll in-a-box, which is making me happy today. I love the generosity of this bedside box so much that I’ll be returning to it soon, with something new. Click here for full glory.     […]

Potted romance

I usually stem the urge to post about snowdrops at this time of year …Obviously because it’s been done before a million trillion times, and I don’t want to be boring. But by heck I LOVE snowdrops. They thrill me, and fill me with hope for the year ahead. I love the way their milky-pure […]

Hippeastrum, up-close

Gratuitous pictures of Hippeastrum…just because. These were planted end of December, and are now doing this, unbelievable stuff in my bedroom…you can find out how to have your own here

A January Mess…

January is here and I feel like bursting into song. January holds everything for me, that December seems to for the rest of the world; excitement, merriment and good cheer. January is when you can concentrate on stuff that really matters to you…a time when it’s okay to turn inward slightly, and ponder and plan…possibly […]


  When we all suddenly sober up and get organised… My small child has started ‘big school’. She went off without a backward glance and pronounces it ‘good’. She won’t tell me anything else, except what they gave her for lunch. I reckon that’s the most important bit anyway. Lunch. I gave the lawn one […]

A Holiday, part 3

┬áThe perfect sunny day with friends, surrounded by late summer splendour…   We went to Haddon Hall, Chatsworth’s enchanting neighbour. The inside is delectable, particularly the Long Gallery, which is where one would dream of having the ultimate party or romantic tryst, but here are the gardens, laid out yonks ago of course, and recently […]

A Holiday, part 2

We went to Renishaw Hall, home to the Sitwells – a truly fabulous family, with names like Raresby and Sacheverell. I am quite undone by these names and now want to re-name my own boy….I mean….SACHEVERELL – what’s not to adore and astonish in equal measure…I ASK you???? Anyhow, the garden is a glorious italianate […]

A Holiday: Part 1

We stayed at Swiss Cottage, Chatsworth. It is idyllic, in every single way. There is a tame duck who likes to be fed very expensive food from Chatsworth Farm Shop. Her name is ‘The Duchess’. There is also an adventure playground, and a really fabulous petting zoo, filled to the brim with children (and parents […]