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Summer relish

 Another rather late post, because your gooseberries will be gone by now, but I wanted to share the gooseberry love, and also the glory of my garden to which I have done precisely NOTHING, and which nevertheless was styling it out beauteously in June and July (see pics below)… As Maria sang, I must’ve done […]

Delphinium devotion

        I return to my blog, post baby, with a gratuitous shot of a bee in a bee Someone, I hope, will tell me what kind of a bee it is, and whether I am right in thinking that the centre of each delphinium flower is actually called a ‘bee’, or if […]

This is what happens when the sun shines… You mow the lawn (or get someone to do it for you) You sit around with treasured friends, and eat and drink and play Children strip off…as if they know their little bodies need the sunshine …and all is right with the world. Click here to get […]

Secrets of a perfect pickery.

Armfuls of flowers, at your whim, to do with as you please….to scent your home (including your bedroom, and your loo) and enough left over with which to play lady bountiful…that’s one of the reasons I got into gardening. I’ve been growing flowers for cutting since I began this whole gardening malarkey…making my way through […]

Easter pickings

  …Because I am away, and I’ll miss doing Eastery stuff like this – some little projects from my vault: Just click on the titles to find out how to make and do.   Pussy Willow Nests     Decorating with eggs   Lantern Posies   Easter Baskets      

My half-hardiness has been well and truly established…

…I’ve been trialled and tested and let me tell you this: I wouldn’t be welcome in my own garden…I wouldn’t be able to take it. I know this because I’ve been in bed for the past two weeks with the most almighty plague which I haven’t been able to shake without the help of evil, […]

My rosy outlook

I have done a BIT of gardening recently…   …well, I say *I*….what I really mean is *he* HE turned my compost heap, and HE mulched my beds. I had not touched the compost for two years, and the bottom layers were lush.   Hunk likes the physical work (and it really is a work-out…much […]

Five of the best for February

I went into the garden today (bit early, I know – how unlike me…I mean it’s not even MARCH yet is it) …but there was a sliver of sunshine, and the grass was gleaming, and the whole thing just sort of said ‘come hither’. So out I waddled, inappropriately dressed as usual, and stood next […]

I had ten people over for Christmas lunch…

 …Here are some truly terrible photos of how I did my table and stuff…                   Itching now for a day in the garden….        

Santa baby…

My daugher’s Christmas List goes like this: Princess Dress (pink), Princess Gloves, Princess Ring, Princess Crown. Father Christmas has taken note. Here’s MINE: Lovely old watering cans (£30-40) from Petersham Nurseries. Beauteous Christmas (and any-time-of-year) light to hang on my apple tree (£119.99) from Jean Dange Bohemian Pot (£54.95) from Clifton Nurseries Six fat quarters (that’s quilting […]