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A gooseberry salsa…(sort-of)

  Blogging food recipes has become a bit of a mind-game of late, and I’m fully blaming radio 4’s brilliant comedy ‘In and Out of the Kitchen’, about a food writer, Damien Trench, who lives in Queen’s Park with his partner Anthony, and who basically wants to BE Nigel Slater. His voice, when reciting his […]

Summer relish

 Another rather late post, because your gooseberries will be gone by now, but I wanted to share the gooseberry love, and also the glory of my garden to which I have done precisely NOTHING, and which nevertheless was styling it out beauteously in June and July (see pics below)… As Maria sang, I must’ve done […]

Lavender dayzzz…

The lavender is a-buzzing.   This is one of life’s good things. I have lavender in pots, but my main lavender event comes in the form of twelve L. angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ plants that edge the ends of my flower beds. … That fuzzy softness…it needs off-setting with a tidy lawn (or better still, stone or […]

Enough with the rain already!

Here are some edible flowers … eye food as much as tummy food, and an antidote to this chilly rain… Lilac is one of my favourite velvety petal foods. Fling it in salads or on top of a cake. …but there is also sweet cicely   …and forgetmenots (of which I have an embarrassment) … […]

Sweet violets for a heady concoction

The lovely thing about mothers is that they love you … whatever. This year, mine will get this: I used to grow all my sweet violets in pots when I only had a balcony to play with, and one of the first things I ever did when I got to my new garden was to […]

Something to soothe

  Never parTICularly been one for an ‘erbal infusion’ (unless it’s lemon verbena or peppermint) I’m far more likely to munch leaves or a flower in a salad… or cover it with sugar and put it on a cake…   … but stuff’s wee bit stressy at the moment, and I went out to pick […]

A father’s day cake

The Hunk is one of those people who appreciatively wolfs down anything you put infront of him – it’s one of the (many) things I love about him. So when I placed the pelargonium flowers on top of this cake and it looked unspeakably girly, I knew it wouldn’t matter a bit. Sure enough, when […]

Chutney stuff and nonsense

I’ve been having a chutney-making fest – it’s my first time (don’t know what took me so long) – and I realise that all this time I’ve had this weird prejudice, putting home-made chutney together in my head with people like this this -very odd really, because I’ve always devoured it… There’s a generosity about making […]

Lemon Verbena Ice-Cream

A bowlful of summer… I’ve been growing lemon verbena in pots from my very first year of gardening.  I love it, mostly just to brush past, having as it does the most lemony of lemon scents that exist in all the whole wide world. It’s wonderfully obliging as a plant – you just put it […]

This is just to say…

I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast. Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold William Carlos Williams We have an embarrassment of plums. They are juicy and sweet… and after eating far too many, I immediately wanted more, but baked, and […]