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Sweet Cicely for Custard

Shhhh! – The Hunk absolutely hates custard so I’ve had to do this in secret – It won’t be difficult to keep it a secret because I think it’ll all be gone soon (this stuff is sluttily drinkable). I inherited two large clumps of Sweet cicely when I moved here in February this year.  Its […]

Sweet Lilacs

I’ve been totally inspired by all the lilacs bursting open this week – …like so many silky pompoms opening up to scent my never-ending ‘pram outings’… My own recently planted lilac (Syringa ‘Lochinch’) is putting on growth and budding beautifully but there isn’t anything to pick yet, …so yesterday I swiped these from my mum’s […]

Basil smugness

The Hunk decided we had to christen his new barbecue tonight.  Please note that I had no part in the barbecue buying bonanza…it just arrived at the door one day, in a huge hulking box, to add to the plethora of hulking boxes (still un-packed) we already have in our sitting room.  Furious, I called […]

Leek and Potato Soup, and some Sweet Violets

Okay, it’s time to ‘fess up – I’ve just moved into my new garden, and I’m harvesting precisely nothing at the moment except bundles of herbs. In the spirit of optimism, I’ve made leek and potato soup , because i MEAN to harvest lots of lovely fat leeks NEXT year. The recipe is so simple […]