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A Holiday, part 3

 The perfect sunny day with friends, surrounded by late summer splendour…   We went to Haddon Hall, Chatsworth’s enchanting neighbour. The inside is delectable, particularly the Long Gallery, which is where one would dream of having the ultimate party or romantic tryst, but here are the gardens, laid out yonks ago of course, and recently […]

A Holiday, part 2

We went to Renishaw Hall, home to the Sitwells – a truly fabulous family, with names like Raresby and Sacheverell. I am quite undone by these names and now want to re-name my own boy….I mean….SACHEVERELL – what’s not to adore and astonish in equal measure…I ASK you???? Anyhow, the garden is a glorious italianate […]

A Holiday: Part 1

We stayed at Swiss Cottage, Chatsworth. It is idyllic, in every single way. There is a tame duck who likes to be fed very expensive food from Chatsworth Farm Shop. Her name is ‘The Duchess’. There is also an adventure playground, and a really fabulous petting zoo, filled to the brim with children (and parents […]

Pod love

I adore the London Eye…I went on it when it was born and I think it’s one of London’s better things. …Plants make it even BETTERER This was Andy Sturgeon’s one-day pod-fantasy conceived for a project called Cityscapes. …It is very, very very pretty, especially when the Thames is all a-glitter…. Plant list is simple: […]

My mother’s camellias

…She hasn’t space for bushes…so instead she wall-trains them. …It takes a while…. These have been here for as long as I can remember – (the pink one was given to my mother at the birth of my older brother)….What I’m trying to say is that they’re older than ME. I don’t remember them ever […]

An Honesty Meadow

Here’s the poppy garden that I posted on way back when… All done up with honesty and erysimum… The owners don’t go in for any fancy gardening…. They just SCATTER seeds, and do nothing else.. Very bad photos…sorry.  

Sunshine carpets

You make me wanna …re-turf my entire garden and do this: Narcissus ‘February Gold’ …. Tens of faaaahhhzens of ’em Making you feel glad to be alive. Thanks Kew – that was spectacular.  

October dreams

Somebody loves their dahlias…. I’ve been meaning to snap this garden for ages. Glad I waited till now though, because I think it’s at its best in October with dahlias a-go-go. It’s in an uber-posh street with big houses. I don’t know who lives there, but I love that they haven’t done the usual ‘tidy’ […]

Beauty and the bench

Been meaning to post this for some time… The sort of bench you need to buy another bench for, so you can sit and gaze at it. from a friend’s garden that I love…terrible photo, but hey ho. Have a lovely sunday x

This is why I love gardening….

…The unexpected things are always the best This is the garden of some friends who had some building work done to produce a sunken seat in the space. Before the builder got there, the garden had one small patch of poppies. He turned over rather a lot of earth and it got spread about a […]