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Desperate measures

I don’t tend actively to involve my daughter too much in my gardening – Children command all your attention, and I am not Dawn Isaac…(although I’m trying…very, VERY hard to be). But I had one of those desperate moments the other day – the sort where you have to kill 30 minutes, and every toy […]

A swamp for George

Soleirolia soleirolii – the perfect bathroom plant. I’ve been using these lovely creeping emerald droplet-leaves for years now, both indoors and out. Outside, they do this tight-knit, softening thing – the leaves are slightly tougher and darker, and none the worse for that. I long to take a machete to the cement between my paving […]


This lovely thing is soothing my heartstrings right now. I made it in October last year, having bought rather too many hellebores. I wish I had made more – it’s one of those all-year-round pots to which you do precisely nothing, and it sits around looking gorgeous in spite of that. Bruised, sober, ever so […]

Post-party paperwhites

More bulbs, I know, but hey, this is seasonal stuff…and I’m not going to argue with that. I usually put a load of paperwhites (little daffodils, highly scented and prepared to flower indoors over the winter) into containers in late October for Christmas blooming, but, as with the rest of what I’ve been doing this […]

Take back your mint…

…Take back your pearls…. It just turned chilly enough for me to wish I was on the beach wearing a bikini. …and mint is THE thing to evoke the freshness of summer. Here’s how to have it over the winter. You need: 1 mint plant (do you already have one? You probably think it’s died…It […]

Violet’s Spoon

  I never knew anything called ‘stir-up Sunday’ existed until I saw it on Twitter. Is it an American thing? Why have I missed it? Possibly because my mother (very sensibly) buys her Christmas Cake from a SHOP. Anyhow, I’m a sucker for family stuff like this (well, I’m in the first bloom of motherhood aren’t […]

Cyclamen wedding cake

  All of us…(oh, not you then…?) okay, but MOST of us have one of these thingys lying around…. a wire cake stand, that is… After the initial ‘ooooh, that’s purdy, I’ll so USE that for all the, CUPCAKES I make!’, mine ended up in a cupboard just TAKING UP SPACE. So I thought I’d […]

Potted Sunshine

This weird warmth highlights the fact that temperature has nothing to do with my feeling iffy at this time of year…it’s all about light levels. So here is another better-making series of things, for when you’re feeling a bit Novemberish. This time I’ll be adding some non-planty stuff to each post…because there are things I […]

Scent for a rainy day…

A big basket of hyacinths, for those prepared to play the long game…Normally you’d be doing this in September for Christmas blooms, but, well, I forgot…and at any rate, who needs MORE stuff at Christmas? – It’s the bleakness of January and February I want hyacinths for. You need: Hyacinth bulbs (available now, but selling […]

Sexy salad…after.

My beautiful nasturtiums which I sowed in window boxes back in June and have been glorifying my very boring side return for months now got trampled by something or someone yesterday, and I suddenly realised I hadn’t posted a photo of the ‘finished product’, so to speak. Luckily, I had taken some a few weeks […]