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A vase of Nigella

Nigella – one of those blooms that makes you feel like a professional photographer…impossible to take a bad photo of it. I have an abundance this year, thanks to my sowing a few plants two years ago, and being scandalously lax with the weeding etc. ever since. Their beauty is that they spread, without asking […]

Agapanthus 101

 How to grow Agapanthus My first day off yesterday, in just short of a year, and I got to spend it ogling at pretty flowers with the marvellous Debora who lunches with me irregularly, and shares my passion for extremely bad television. We were at the RHS Spring Show – that vast hall, with the concentrated […]

Summer relish

 Another rather late post, because your gooseberries will be gone by now, but I wanted to share the gooseberry love, and also the glory of my garden to which I have done precisely NOTHING, and which nevertheless was styling it out beauteously in June and July (see pics below)… As Maria sang, I must’ve done […]

Five of the best for February

I went into the garden today (bit early, I know – how unlike me…I mean it’s not even MARCH yet is it) …but there was a sliver of sunshine, and the grass was gleaming, and the whole thing just sort of said ‘come hither’. So out I waddled, inappropriately dressed as usual, and stood next […]

Garden sluttery and lavender baggery

  The garden has been neglected (and is none the worse for that)…I’m sluttily leaving it until the second half of September, when I shall whip things into shape in that ‘back to school’ way we all have. What HAVE I been doing? well, mothering really. A three year old takes rather a lot of […]

Take-home Chelsea: Cleve

Remember Chelsea? I’ve been meaning to do a few blogs about doing Chelsea at home but, like the British summer, I am slow at getting into gear this year… A few stand-out things have stayed with me since Chelsea, and they won’t go away. I think this is an excellent marker of VERY GOOD STUFF. […]

Slow things…

I love slow things. Here’s something I made almost a year ago, when I was rushing around being very un-slow, filming stuff for telly. Succulent off-sets, pinched off and squidged into the gritty-compost-filled frog of a brick. (You can get the recipe here). It was done in haste (and many, many times over, because that’s […]

George and his swamp

I’ve been meaning to do a quick update on the swamp I made for George back in January.     Suffice to say, George is comfortable. Here it was in January:   Also, late to the billion dollar party, I know, but I am finally having a love affair with Instagram (although I do want […]

Lavender dayzzz…

The lavender is a-buzzing.   This is one of life’s good things. I have lavender in pots, but my main lavender event comes in the form of twelve L. angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ plants that edge the ends of my flower beds. … That fuzzy softness…it needs off-setting with a tidy lawn (or better still, stone or […]

A rose and sweet pea arch

My new book, Sweet Peas for Summer is in the SHOPS, so I thought I’d do a little recipe in its honour I’ve been wanting arches in my garden for quite some time now, (for sweet pea frolics and in order to satisfy my climbing rose fetish) and I’ve been holding back mainly because I […]