A Picnic...at last

My crambe cordifolia arrived yesterday, along with a fig tree and various other lovelies.  No time as yet to plant any of them - the pots are standing on my still-too-bare flowerbeds waiting for my attention.  Yesterday and today has been all about hoeing the borders- (I say 'all about' as if it took me hours, but actually it was a matter of a few minutes)- and sorting out which plants are going in the apple garden (that bit closest to the house that has two apple trees in it).  I have it in my head that I'll tackle these early next week (yeah yeah) but it's always good to set wild intentions I find.  These beds are choc full of digitalis and bindweed, along with three roses that have seen better days.  I have pots and pots of viola odorata, epimidiums, ferns and other lovelies all ready to be set free in here...fingers crossed I get my act together.

On an altogether more important note, we had our first ever PICNIC today.  The Hunk made sandwiches with a set-fire-to-your-nose amount of mustard, and Mr Pug ate bits of bread and cheese out of babety's fat hands (they have a symbiotic relationship - he helped incubate her by lying on top of me for nine months; she knows this and duly rewards him with extra food).  Glorious day...over all too soon.

So much else to say - cherry blossom out and proud, pear about to burst forth...oh, and I planted a row of shallots (can't remember when) and they're UP.