An Easter Table

Here we are already at Easter weekend and I haven't even unpacked most of my belongings.  Everything is everywhere (and shall probably remain so for the forseeable future). But I have unpacked some stuff, including my array of containers and vases.

The Hunk and I suddenly felt lonely and orphan-like when we realised we hadn't planned anything for Easter. A mad rush of telephoning later, we managed to round up some similarly orphaned friends for lunch, and had spring chicken and chocolate eggs at the ready. For the table, I plonked these exquisite fritillaria in a faux-mossy container, covered the gaps with sphagnum and that was that. Everyone adored this chequered beauty, which was all the more delectable for its being up-close and personal (something you rarely get when they're in the ground...unless you're the sort to get down on your hands and knees).

So, for an easy, Easter lunch table, you need:

1 pot Fritillaria meleagris - in bud or matters not.

A suitable container, that will fit the plastic pot

Sphagnum moss


Put the plant inside the container and cover the gaps with the moss. You can plant the fritillaria outside in the garden when it's over - they love open meadows, so will do well in any moist, well drained soil, and will come back up and see you year after year.