It's a Jungle in there....

Tarzan's house HAPPY EASTER!

It's a jungle in there....

It's still raining (yawn) but our house is still so full of boxes from the move, that we get cabin fever and have to get out.  The babety wakes between 5am and 6.30am, and this morning the three of us were trudging the streets looking for somewhere to have breakfast in our new neighbourhood at a seriously ungodly hour.

We had to wait for the place to open (yes, we were up THAT early) and found these gems as we walked around the block to kill some time.

Tarzan's house (above) was nothing compared to his mum's:

....Extraordinary...I do hope they have those nice rope-things hanging from their light-fittings so they can swing from one corner of the room to the other, yelling arrrrrgggh!

On a different (exterior) note, there was this:

VERY jolly! it a lot....and this:

Ummmmm....not so much.

Lastly..oh JOY...this:

What a brilliant walk!

Oh I nearly more thing - this is priceless (sorry, not horticultural at all)