Nosy corner: Bergenias on a busy road

I've been thinking about bergenias (above) a lot lately because certain people have been debating them on twitter (Helen Johnstone and Anne Wareham in particular).  They've never been a must-have plant for me, but then today I was walking home from the tube with the pram (not something I attempt every day, a trip on the underground with a pram) - and I saw this lovely front garden, which makes, well, AMPLE use of bergenias (there's loads of them just by the front door too) and is really rather gorgeous I think.  I love the generosity of the leaves - it creates a feeling of largesse in this small space...particularly with all the itty bitty stuff behind.  The fact that this house is on a really busy road hasn't stopped the owner lavishing love on this plot; there's a huge variety of different plants here, and this person obviously loves their garden, and for that reason alone, I love it too.  Here are a couple more photos: