The story so far....

A quick round-up of progress (because I so easily forget) At the end of February we had this:

Then after lots of digging with the help of my friend James at Indigo Gardens, my dad and The Hunk, this:

And The Hunk made me some raised beds, and then I went shopping, hence this:

And then we had a short interlude for Easter, and the Babety's first flip-flops:

And the garden got planted, and it looked like this:

And it got sunny, and we had our first picnic:

And then I tackled the Apple Garden, and i did more planting and watering:

And the babety got cuter, and I did a lot of weeding:

And also a lot of planting and sowing and mowing:

And now this is where we are now, on May Day:

It's not sumptuous and floriferous and wafting yet, but I know that when it is sumptuous and floriferous and wafting, there'll probably be something else I wish it was.

But....bees are visiting and birds are singing, and little green shoots are peeping up, and tiny fruits are swelling and it's a new garden, from scratch and it's mine and I am stupidly, utterly and completely besotted with it...I must have been a VERY nice person in another life to deserve such richness in this one.