Things to do in June

....should you be so inclined:

1. Support all the plants that are about to fall over with pea sticks.  If you don't have pea sticks then consider letting them flop - it creates a certain, rather fabulous nonchalance that denotes you are uniquely cool....or you could do as I do and just gather them up to display indoors.

2. Water in the evening or early morning to conserve moisture and be efficient.  If you've got pots, then you're going to need to water twice a day if it's baking hot.

3. Order your tulips for planting in the autumn.  It seems ridiculous to be so organised, but if you want what you want, then you have to beat the rush.

4. Do some hoeing, with your sexy little hand hoe

5. If it's sunny, then be sure to laze around a lot.  The weather might turn any second, so drop everything and enjoy it