A July pot, made from left-overs

This was the result of my terrible habit of buying sad-looking plants that nobody wants.  The nicotiana was about to flower - the leaves were all torn and it was therefore reduced (I like anything reduced) and the lobelia had suffered from having missed the garden centre spray a few too many times and was wilted and languishing, all shrunk up in its polystyrene cells.  I took both home and plonked the nicotiana in the middle with three of the healthiest lobelia around the edge.

The lobelia recovered almost instantly, but the nicotiana took a little longer to grow some new leaves at the bottom (they are so brittle that they almost never survive a garden centre without being decimated).  That's why this offering is two weeks late - the pot was in intensive care.  Here it is, good as new and giving out that intoxicating evening scent.

Delicious no?

Here's what's in it

you need

1 Nicotiana sylvestris

1 pack of lobelia bedding

Multi-purpose compost

1 pot - mine is 30cm diameter

Keep it watered and make sure you place it near a door or somewhere you're likely to spend some evening time chilling out - the scent only comes out to play at night because the flowers are mostly pollinated by moths.  This is also why the flowers glow seductively in the dark.  Now I think about it this is a rather good pot to have around if you're trying to get someone to snog you.