Stuff to do in July...

...should you be so inclined (which, frankly, I am NOT) Look, it's summer time capisce? ...and that means: a. SUNBATHING b. PICNICS c. DAYDREAMING WHILST BEES BUZZ

The very most you should be doing is the lovely job of picking yourself a posy every day (and see above)... But if you've got itchy feet, or if the day is dull and you're feeling energetic, here are some July-ish jobs to be getting on with:

1. Mow the lawn, but only if your sward is your pride and joy 2. Sow some biennials to avoid haemorrhaging money on them next year 3. Pull the odd weed (pesky, aren't they?) 4. Water at dusk, when the nicotiana and other evening scented stuff is doing its thing. It's a good idea to have someone nearby who will kiss you (romantically and at regular intervals) during this process.