It is a truth universally acknowledged....

...that a new garden, in possession of a number of juvenile shrubs may be in want of some STRUCTURE ...and because I am feeling a tad verbose today I shall add:

There are very few gardens that the addition of a some strategically placed balls of clipped box and the odd bay standard will not VASTLY improve.

To which, I shall shut up and prove it with pictures:

Apple garden, without box balls...and with:

Apple garden from the other end, without box balls...and with:

And the rest of it, without darling little bay lollipops, and with:

I know I know...I should have done this months ago but I was too carried away planting flowers...and actually, I'm glad I waited because it was only when the splendour of the summer was waning that I could really see what was needed (which was less than I had anticipated).

I got the box and the standards from Chris at Gardening Express who is one of those people who really cares about giving brilliant service. He even sent me pictures of the exact plants I was getting and made sure they were delivered at a time that suited me so I didn't have to wait at home all day...I'm all over that.

Next time I will tell you about the longed-for hedge he sent me...could things possibly GET more exciting?