Smugness alert!!

Back in June I took some leaf cuttings of a particularly beauteous streptocarpus and now, five months later, the first of my 13 babies has started flowering. Yip Yip!

This stuff takes a bit of time and care but even a small plant like this costs around £3.  I'm going to have this gorgeous star-like flower absolutely everywhere.  I have another lot of cuttings ready to be transferred to little pots soon, so no surface will be safe.  Buying enough plants to do that is just something I would feel a bit naughty doing....hence the smugness.

These little babies will stay in their little pots (they do better if slightly confined) and in Spring next year I'll stick one of those streptocarpus food tablets into each one and hopefully they'll really flower like mad.

I'll take a picture of my blue and white streptocarpus living room forrest next year to complete the cycle...until then, I'll shut up about them.