A perfect posy

Forgive me...I know I shouldn't but the babety gave this to me yesterday She chose and picked everything herself and my mother held the tiny bottle so that she could arrange the flowers.

It's quite the most perfect posy I've ever received....but then I am a mother, and as a breed, well, we're utterly blind aren't we.

Here's what's in it:

4 daisies from the lawn - ones you might make a chain with. One of them has been bruised slightly (the babety picks FLOWERS, not STEMS) 1 common lawn geranium - I don't know the name of this. It grows in my lawn.  I call it a geranium because it looks like one but is tiny. This particular one has two flowerheads on the stem, one of which has set seed and the other of which is going over, with two petals left opposite each other, and curling slightly. 1 forgetmenot (remarkably unscathed actually) The bottle is one of hundreds I found at the bottom of my garden when I was digging the flowerbeds. A neighbour told me that there used to be a perfume factory on this site, so that would figure.