Sexy salad

I've got the drabbest, emptiest, saddest side return ever.  I was going to make it over for Love Your Garden but stuff happened, and the idea was scrapped.  I've decided to do it anyway, but not right now....right now I'm going to fill the troughs that I had ready for the transformation, and because I can't afford the plants I really want to put in them I'm going to.....  

Sow some nasturtiums (or, moustarshalumps, as I think Pooh calls them).

This is really the last possible moment for it, and they are the most ridiculously easy thing to grow in the world.  You can use anything to grow them in, (as long as you water the things), but they're best raised up high because like clowns, they adore to tumble. The leaves are as beautiful as the flowers (if not more so) and yes, this is an edible plant, (flowers and leaves), so munch munch munch away. Quite the sexiest thing you can do to a salad methinks.

You need A container Multi-purpose compost with a few handfuls of grit added Nasturtium seeds

Method Fill you container with compost and push in your seeds, 12cm apart and 1.5cm deep.  Cover them with compost and water the whole thing well so it gets thoroughly soaked.  Your seedlings will appear in a couple of weeks.  Let them grow on for a couple more, and then steel yourself and pull out half of them so that each plant has 25cm of space....Brutal but necessary (sorry).

Never ever ever EVER let the compost dry out.

Enjoy your day-glo cascade

Squish black-fly as and when they appear, or hose them off with a jet of water, or spray them with a weak washing up liquid solution....Just don't do nothing, because the critters are sap-suckers and, well, you want your flowers to bloom bodaciously don't you.

Have fun lovely ones.  I will post a picture of mine when they are up and blooming; in the meantime you will have to be content with this...bit silly but, well, I AM a bit silly.