...My lilies, that is.

When I had a balcony I grew lilies in pots to give away (they make fabulous presents). I planted a couple of these bulb-filled pots in my garden when I moved in (the feb before last). They didn't do much last year - just a few small flowers - and it made me a bit sad, so I fed them with some liquid seaweed last autumn, and again this spring...

I don't know what kind they are...'Casablanca' most probably.

The scent is intoxicating. It makes you want to lie down next to them in the evenings.

You can buy lilies now (in flower) from the garden centre and plant them, or plant bulbs in March next year. I shall be doing both.

Here are some other lily-like-lovelies in the garden right now:

Crinum x powellii (also comes in white). Scented, with strappy leaves ... very special and posh.

Gladiolus callianthus - with its sexy purple blotch and glorious, heady scent. I'll be eulogising these in my next book.

More about lilies next year...