Hot right now...

A series of posts, by colour, to remind myself of what looks hot right now, and therefore what I need more of. ...problem is, I want more of everything, which is why my garden will never look 'done'.


Agapanthus I bought this one last year from Clifton, and of course I can't remember the name of it...any help appreciated. Flowers are the deepest of blue and come later than my other one (below).

Agapanthus again - Out of flower, but still a hottie in my book for its seedheads. My mother gave me this huge pot about six years ago. One year it got pushed behind something and I forgot to water it AT ALL...for like, a whole YEAR.. and it didn't flower (well, I wouldn't either). When I re-discovered it and started watering again, it flowered its gorgeous socks off. Flowers are pale blue and bodacious.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides - sits around looking like nothing very much for ages and then suddenly, when summer gives up the ghost and you're feeling a bit hurt, it does this blue-flowered thing that knocks your socks off. Its big brother, C. Wilmottianum is a wholly different proposition (i.e. much bigger). Evergreen or deciduous, depending on how it feels and the weather etc...You're supposed to give it full sun and shelter, but I put it under my plum tree where not very much else grows, because I like the idea of having it as ground cover and I read somewhere that it could be 'invasive' (fine by me, in dry shade). It has worked a treat this year...the real test will be whether it performs next year...will keep you posted. I fancy putting some in pots too.

Nepeta - yet again, lovely nepeta (horrid picture) - really out and in its prime right now because I was darstardly and cut it back hard at the end of May (late Chelsea chop)

...And of course, my Geranium 'Orion' (another victim of my chopping in late May, and much-photographed, so I won't bore you with it again) is flowering profusely again now, just as it was before I got happy with the shears....Here's the garden at the end of August.

Next up: the PINKS!