Hot right now...


Schizostylis coccinea alba - I adore these bulbs, and I have them in pink too. They will flower until the first frost and I grow them in window boxes as well as in the ground.

Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora - I have these as cutsie little standards in pots and I ADORE them. I've just read that Sarah Raven gives her stems of hydrangea a bath to make them last in water...GREAT TIP! - I'll be trying that one the next time I snip from these. My love for hydrangeas has intensified since I learned that Madonna hates them.

Erigeron karvinskianus - Frothy, sometimes pink-tipped petals, as if the fairies had left their lipstick on them. This is the perfect grow-anywhere pretty. I have it edging some of my borders, both in full sun and full shade; it seems not to care. I need more more more.

Gaura lindheimeri - I saw that I needed more of this last year, and duly planted more, and it wasn't enough. Butterflies of white (or pink if you want).

..and lastly...a hellebore that must have thought this summer was actually just a mild winter....and who could blame it?

Next time, and last in the series: the NUDES