Desperate measures

I don't tend actively to involve my daughter too much in my gardening - Children command all your attention, and I am not Dawn Isaac...(although I'm trying...very, VERY hard to be).

But I had one of those desperate moments the other day - the sort where you have to kill 30 minutes, and every toy has been played with, and illness is preventing a proper walk, and you're just out of ideas....

generally... life.

So that's when I remembered this, from Homebase, where you buy what looks like a takeaway coffee cup, with compost and a packet of seeds (these are bunny tail grass) inside. You're supposed to sow the seeds with your child, put the lid on, so it becomes its own propagator, water, watch and wait.

She loved it.

...loved doing the seed sowing thing, and every morning she wants to look at it, to see if it's germinated.

It's not like I haven't sown seeds with her before...(we did some peas in the summer)...but I think the attraction of this was partly the packaging, and the fact that she has ownership of this colourful paper cup with its own lid. #simplepleasures

It's an easy way to do the gardening thing with her when I just don't have it in me to gather all the necessary bits and pieces...I'll be buying more and putting them in a cupboard, in exactly the same way that I store lollies....for emergencies.