Sweet Peas...bringing it

I planted some roses and sweet peas a while back.

Here they are now (although the sweet peas are taking centre stage right now). I've not been very diligent with water, and I haven't fed them at all but I DID sow them in Autumn (well, November actually) which has given them a rather lovely head-start. Also, it might be a comfort to know that I'm totally awful at keeping them tied in...I just let them romp, and yes, I lose some blooms to those self-garotting tendrils but there are more than enough to accommodate my laziness. I get five or six gigantic vases a week from this arch.

Here is the 'before' picture



Now for the fashion show:

Here is Mollie Rilstone. She is demure, in that she seems to stay in bud longer than the others but the buds are a thing of beauty anyway, so nobody cares. Truly gorgeous.

This is Lord Nelson. Cupani-esque but with long, long stems. Thoroughly smitten I am.

Here is Dorothy Eckford. Purest white and I can't cut the blooms fast enough. I love her, passionately.

...and finally, the heart-stopping Emma. I did not sow enough of her, and I hate myself. The most glorious pink, like the very insides of those tiny pearly shells you find on the beach and treasure forever.

All these seeds came from Easton Walled Gardens.

I don't know why I didn't post about sowing them. I'll do it this autumn...promise.