My rosy outlook


I have done a BIT of gardening recently...



...well, I say *I*....what I really mean is *he*

HE turned my compost heap, and HE mulched my beds.

I had not touched the compost for two years, and the bottom layers were lush.



Hunk likes the physical work (and it really is a work-out...much better than the gym). You may not believe this, but I watched him, in the soft drizzle, working away and was hit by a pang of jealousy that I couldn't join in (bun in the oven). He likes to work to keeps things flowing.

The garden looks all warm and comfy now...and much tidier (I also pruned my roses you see).

...I plan to do an Arne Maynard and wrap some of them around dome-like structures this year...see how they like it. It was so beauteous at Chelsea last year, and I tried to do it when I got home, but the everything was too stiff and prickly and I chickened out. I'm going to need some of those lovely big willow or hazel supports...where do I get them? Anyone know?


Other news:

I've been busy doing a bit of filming and writing for the very brilliant app that is IntoGardens, and its sister, 'Gardens' for iPhone. Do check them out, if you're at all interested in gardens and general loveliness.

I've been blogging for Crocus all about hanging things up too...


I was going to flash some seedlings at you in this post, but it's too long, so you'll just have to wait.

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