Planting Hippeastrum (amaryllis)

Hey! I know it’s after Christmas and you are feeling all mince pie’d out and cobwebby but I have the answer! Go out as soon as you can and find some hippeastrum bulbs (they’ll be on sale…BONUS!). Get yourself a pot or two and some compost and try this… I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

My love for these bulbs will never wane. I adore them to the moon and back, mostly because they are so very massive and otherworldly and make me feel accomplished and smug and happy that I had a hand in growing something so amazing.

Here’s a little video showing you how to plant them….couldn’t be easier…do have a go!

Are you a hippeastrum aficionado? What’s your favourite one to grow, and what are your tips to get them flowering again the following year?

x Laetitia