Indoor salad, for dark days

Indoor salad for darker days


We still have a way to go before Spring does its thing. This is an easy way of banishing the blues, and far healthier than gin. 


Microgreens are a great favourite with me as they satisfy my yearning for sophistication whilst valiantly accommodating my slapdash sowing skills. No thinning out is needed here, as I snip the leaves off in their baby stage. All you need is a plastic seed tray or pot set within another larger tray for watering, some multi-purpose compost and some seeds; I adore radish, rocket, basil and mizuna, or you can buy a mixture of seeds specially packaged as microgreens - this is a great starter pack.

Or, if you can’t be doing with compost, then I recommend this kit, which has everything included, and you just use kitchen roll, (or loo paper if you’re us!)


Fill your tray or pot with compost, removing any big bits and tapping it firmly on a hard surface to remove any pockets of air. Now sprinkle your seeds liberally over the top, aiming for an even coverage. You don’t need to worry about spacing here because you’ll be harvesting the greenery before it has a chance to need any space. Cover the seeds very thinly with a bit more compost, sieving it over the top, and fill up the bottom tray with water for a few hours until the surface of the compost is damp. Given the warmth of your kitchen, the seeds with germinate fast, and in a couple of weeks you’ll be snipping and sprinkling just like all the posh chefs.

x Laetitia