My tiny front garden: Update!

It’s been six months since I put the finishing touches (a crabapple tree) to my tiny front garden and I thought I’d post a little update and some pictures to illustrate how it’s all been growing.

Fattening up

Fattening up

I’ve been so excited and thrilled by how all the planting has filled out over the past few months. The edging, which comprises a mixture of harts tongue fern, alchemical mollis and xxx fern, is giving me goosebumps it is so sumptuous.

edging front garden

This is most definitely a combination I’ll be repeating (whenever I get the chance). I love the mixture and greens and the textures, and now that the alchemilla is flowering, and that gorgeous acid green inflorescence is doing its thing, well, all the good feelings!

The tulips were a joy when they appeared. I filled the space with one called ‘Pretty Princess’ and it stole my heart.

The crabapple was a vision in spring when it flowered (no pics, I’m so sorry)…you’ll jut have to believe me, and now it has these delightful fruit fattening up.

crabapple fruit

And I planted some salvia to fill the gaps while the sarcococca fills out (it’s a slow burn with sarcococca when it’s small, but worth it.

But the most joyful thing is the yew hedge, which I planted last autumn, and has put on loads of fresh pale green new growth. One of the plants has died and that’s fine…I was expecting more of them to fail - I am a less than attentive mother to new things and you have to be tough to survive around here. I’m hoping this hedge will grow well beyond the top of the wall and give me the privacy I’m after.

new growth on yew

x Laetitia