Look what I found!

I've been wanting to do a post on found objects since I got here, but today was the day it felt right to do so, because today (oh joy of joys!) I found this:

Who did you belong to, un-loved thing....I found you while I was digging  a BIG hole...did someone put you there?....on PURPOSE?

When we first arrived, the only thing in the garden was this - perfect toy for the baby (and Hunk).

But then I began digging and started un-earthing hundreds of these:

Apparently this house used to be a perfume factory (according to one neighbour) - and this is the result.  They're pretty, and scrub up pretty well too (although I can't get the soil out from inside them...needs some special implement I haven't quite thought of yet).

But today's find is my favourite - It's going on my shelf of found objects...here it is again: