Sweet Lilacs

I've been totally inspired by all the lilacs bursting open this week -

...like so many silky pompoms opening up to scent my never-ending 'pram outings'...

My own recently planted lilac (Syringa 'Lochinch') is putting on growth and budding beautifully but there isn't anything to pick yet,

...so yesterday I swiped these from my mum's garden:

A syrup, I think, for drinks, or jelly...

...or both (I'm experimenting for a recipe to go in my next book).  There are lots of recipes for lilac 'jelly' on the w.w.w. (i.e. the same sort of stuff you might make with redcurrants and put with lamb) - but I'm thinking of sort of jelly you might have at a children's party ...mixed, perhaps with some champagne??? - all will be revealed.

Lilac Syrup

To a simple sugar syrup (one cup of sugar, dissolved in one cup of water over a moderate heat), I added this:

washed, of course, and with all traces of green removed...along with a few blueberries to make sure it'd be pinkish...

I simmered the whole thing gently for about a quarter of an hour:

...and then I strained off the detritus to reveal this:

Not really lilac colour but still beautiful, and delicious - sweet, floral, but most importantly, lilac scented.  The Hunk and more importantly I (chief cocktail-concocter) shall have cocktails tonight - recipe suggestions please....Kir 'Loyal' perhaps?