A June offering

Here's a pot with the scent of summer inside it

A lovely, scented summer pot that will take you well into autumn. I've used a scented leaved pelargonium. I have no idea what it's called, but any scented leaved beauty will do. This is one of my favourites, with little delicate flowers and velvety leaves. I keep it fresh every year by taking cuttings. This one is a cutting I took very early this year in January. I love that about Pelargoniums - you can propagate pretty much all year round. I'll do a little how-to video of this as soon as I can persuade The Hunk to film me.

Lemon Verbena is one of my favourite plants ever...and if you're keen on scent, like me, then I urge you to go out and find one. It's the most lemony scented thing in the world, and a great thing for a pot. This one is a new plant that I bought in a tiny pot because I lost my old one in the harsh winter we just endured. If things hadn't been so horribly cold, I would have used the old one, which came back and back to delight me year after year.

You need: 1 scented leaved pelargonium 1 Lemon verbena plant 1 pot (mine is 30cm diameter) Multi-purpose compost

I don't feed it, or do anything complicated, just make sure it's watered...that's it.

You'll need to bring this inside when the cold weather arrives, and the pelargonium won't last forever in it's lovely leafy state, so it's best to take a cutting and start it again for next year. You can find out all about Lemon verbena and scented leaved pelargoniums by reading my eulogy to them in my book...but the long and the short of it is that you can use them for puddings, cakes and tea, and to freshen your breath, and just generally to brush past and enjoy for their delightful scent.