In celebration of....

....Entrances Here are two I'm entranced by:

(sorry the picture quality is so awful...these were taken on my telephone)

How much do I love these two entrances?

VERY much is how much!

The one on the left was taken somewhere off the M3 motorway.  The little tiny crack of a flowerbed is planted with begonias and polyanthus..leading your eye to.....

yes! - a little plastic gnome-dog.  To the right (and sadly out of the picture) was a small bed of kniphofia...adorable.

There's a sort of careful thoughtfulness here that I find moving.

And the one on the right is a glorious orgy of Solanum (potato vine) and Trachelospermum (star jasmine), along with a little white climbing rose.  I love the abundance of it...of course x