Love you so much....

Note to self....

Have more of these next year...

(pssst! - it's no accident that they're all late summer bloomers)

Diascia - Its gone on and on and on (with a haircut half-way through).  I bought this as bedding in those polystyrene cells and it's been one of my favourite things this year, blooming in a huge urn.  Next year I'm going to need five times more of this to keep me happy.  I could take softwood cuttings now but bought plants end up being such great value I'm not bothering.

Erysimum - Still going strong after all this time...I love it so much I might go to the trouble of sowing some seeds never know.

Crocosmia - fiery finery...need more of this.  I have only one plant (silly, silly me) and will have to wait a couple more years before I can divide it, so it's off to the garden centre with me.

Gaura - do you pronounce it with an 'Ow' or the same way as you'd say 'Laura'..not sure, but I AM sure that I need more.  Will be dividing my two plants and taking cuttings next spring.

Anemone - I realise I completely forgot to dig up my 'Honorine Joberts' when I left my old back yard...I only have this pink one and I'm still hooked on the white...must buy one plant to divide.

Gladiolus callianthus - I was late buying bulbs and there was only one packet left, so I only have one pot this year and I'm used to having at least five...back to normality next year