A New View

I did a big old garden clear-up yesterday and ripped out the sweetpeas

They had had their moment

...and served their purpose, which was to act as a temporary hedge until October when I planned to plant a proper one....the idea was to have the bottom of the garden all secret... I was about to put in my order for several yew plants... but now I'm not so sure... ...all of a sudden the view is clear, and I'm loving it

Of course, this could have something to do with the sweetpeas which had gone all crispy and mildew-ey...i still got a bunch of flowers every day, but I wasn't looking after them like I should. Picking my last posy wasn't at all sad...I've had enough (there, I've said it).

So, should I keep going with this hedge idea? It would obscure the main part of the garden from view initially...but the surprise element would be gorgeous. What think you?