Stuff to do in October

...should you be so inclined....

1. Get some bulbs in the ground....or if you don't have any ground, get some planted in a pot. Right now I am layering up crocus, iris, daffs, tulips and alliums..yes, that's december to June loveliness (if the squirrels don't get them first)

2. Plant some wallflowers - lovely groundcover all winter and knock-out scent in the spring. I've bought some plants from a nursery (it really is okay to do're not cheating). Bung them in the ground (or in a pot, why not?) and enjoy.

3. Lastly, one word....Hippeastrum. I know these bulbs are expensive, but it's so worth investing in a few and putting them in pots, say three per month until January for total indoor drama between winter and spring.