Better-making things numero trois

I think I could go on forever with the better-makers....but here's the last three for now: Nothing like something fresh and green to lift the spirits.  This is a packet of oriental salad leaves I'm growing inside my kitchen windowsill.  I enjoy looking at it just as much (possibly more) than I love eating it.

Viburnum tinus - people are often a bit rude about this plant, saying it is carparkey...I think they need a visit from Miss Manners.  This is one of my favourite winter cheer-me-up shrubs.  It has honey-scented flowers and I wouldn't be without it.

And last but not least...a little-known cultivar called Book delivered.  There is still a lot to be done, but the bones are there and it feels like something 'created' (which is very better-making).  The book is still untitled (the quote is there because it's how I feel).  I am waiting to be inspired...