Love love love

First posies of 2011 and I am in LOVE... First, snowdrops, which have been appearing everywhere.  I had quite forgotten how many I planted last year.  I haven't a clue what sort they are.  They are now in my bedroom offering honey-scent with typical generosity.  Thank you snowdrops.  You can buy snowdrops right now, in bloom in little pots, or if you're a stickler for a particular variety, then order them (crossing your fingers that you're not too late) right now.  To me, they are like white peach bellinis - extremely difficult to resist; but anyway - as I'm constantly being told by all my gardener friends - you can never, ever have too many.

Then there are the little irises.  These are called Iris reticulata, and you can get them pretty much everywhere right now in little pots.  If you want squillions of them, it's best to wait until autumn and order a whole load of little bulbs because it's cheaper that way, and you get more choice.  Personally though, if you don't have any of these in your garden, it's worth getting a few for your table, keep them in their pots and then plant them out in the garden when the flowers fade.

And last but not least, the daffs, which are just coming up gorgeously.  These come from bulbs I planted in autumn from a packet I found at the garden centre....I don't recall the name and it really doesn't matter to me.  I'd pluck armfuls of these, but I want them outside, so I'm rationing myself to three at a time.