I'm going to come clean and say that I've been a heather-hater my whole life

As far as I'm concerned the ONE good thing about them is their family connection to blueberries...(blueberries are cool).

So I was in the garden centre the other day, lurking (as you do), and I saw the usual autumn offerings...along with those alarming DYED ones...and I seized upon these little darlings, all conveniently in a six-pack thingy. Looking rather scruffy and lonely (and somehow nicer than all the bigger heathers)...

The great thing about heather is that it's pretty much zero maintenance if you're using it purely decoratively (if you want to plant up a hillside, well, that's another matter.

I just squished them into teacups...

The teacups (and yes, I DO understand that some of you may be more interested in these than the heather) are a present from my mother-in-law - hand-painted with flowers and insects...each one different...and teeny tiny, for SIPPING tea rather than slurping it.

I'll probably water intermittently for a while, because I can see flowers appearing and I want to see them... and then I'll stop altogether and see what happens (other heathers, in other people's houses, just seem to dry out and stay looking the same).

These are pretty...They make me feel christmassy (without being conifers).

They've inspired me to learn about them...so I'll be back with more heathery trivia soon.

They're out in the shops now, so do some squishing of your own, if you like.


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