Potted Sunshine

This weird warmth highlights the fact that temperature has nothing to do with my feeling iffy at this time of year...it's all about light levels.

So here is another better-making series of things, for when you're feeling a bit Novemberish.

This time I'll be adding some non-planty stuff to each post...because there are things I like OTHER than gardening....(just saying).

There's a voice in my head...it sounds a bit like Kelly Rowland (no, I don't know why)...and she's saying:


....plant some bulbs.

You do this by getting hold of some bulbs and burying them in compost....IT'S THAT SIMPLE.....really.

I have been VERY naughty and bought some READY PLANTED ONES (It's okay, no-one will know - these are Narcissus 'Geranium') and put them in a basket with my faithful friend sphagnum moss. I found these at Clifton, where I was lurking today. Looking at this basket reminds me of Easter. I like that.

...get your toes done.

An instant heart-gladdener. I know it's winter, and nobody sees my toes....but I see them, and, well, I'm SOMEBODY. Colour: Chanel 307 'Orange Fizz', because it sounds like a petunia cultivar, and it makes my feet look tanned. I like that.


...do something nice.

I went here, and clicked on 'donate'. Seeing the pictures made me giggle, and doing something (however small) about godawful cancer made me feel good. I like that.