April Newness

S'been a while since I posted 'the garden' Some time last year I stopped taking monthly pictures (just because)...

But now I've discovered Pinterest,  so I'm starting again.

Here's my April image...and my leading ladies - the tulips (which, by the way, were planted not last autumn, but the autumn BEFORE).

The arches look a little wonksome, don't they. I think it's my camera skills

The tulips are in my cutting patches. They are in lines. This is because I don't want to disturb them when I plant all my cutting garden stuff later on, and also because my grandfather used to have tulips - all one type, and in VERY straight lines - like soldiers. Fondness prevails.

The beds are edged with erysimum (not the psychadelic orange of last year)...I'm going to miss it I think.

And lastly, a picture to show everybody that a fritillary meadow of ones own IS possible..even if you only have three square metres to do it in. This is very much my favourite part of the garden.

Stay tuned for some April colour highlights.