Lip bump bliss

The garden is looking rather spite of me.

Tulips up and out and better than they were last year. Sometimes I think the secret to this whole gardening lark is to be rather minimal when it comes to work.

I'm going to take the tulips' portraits and post them soon, but right now, it's holidays again. I have learned from my mistakes, and this time I am determined not to end up in the foetal position.

I have stuff planned.

...THINGS, tucked away in cupboards

One such thing...a lip-balm kit from the Homemade Company, gave us a lovely hour of wholesomeness this morning.

(We call it lip bump)

It all comes in a pretty box, and everything is included for you to make four little pots of lovely lip balm.

...and it's all natural, chemical-free, biodegradable (even the plastic) and completely safe for mucking about at home with.

Best of all, it's made in Blighty.....ALL OF IT.