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Carrying on from yesterday's gorgeous rugs from Weaver Green, something rather less outwardly beautiful but incredibly clever and useful; The Air Pot. This thing combines clever design and recycled plastic to give you healthier plants.

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The Air Pot

The Air Pot has been around for years and is used by professional growers for everything from seedlings to large trees. The design promotes healthy root growth - roots grow outwards towards the holes in the sides and bottom, and are then air-pruned (the tips die off when they come into contact with air) which in turn makes the plant produce more branching roots. The result is a containerised root system that never becomes pot-bound (where the roots start circling around the edge of the compost), and when it's time to pot on or plant out, you simply un-wrap the pot, which means minimal root disturbance. 

The pots are made in Scotland, from recycled plastic, and let's be honest, they're not pretty, but a healthy root system makes for more beautiful plants, and they can of course be placed inside another, larger, more lovely container. They come flat-packed and are easily assembled. They can also obviously be stored flat, which is a great for those with limited space. At present, because the company has only just started retailing to smaller customers, the product is sent out wrapped in a sand-bag (woven plastic material) which can be re-used in the garden. Eventually these will be replaced with cardboard.

I have enough old-school small and medium sized plastic pots to last me for years, but I'll be ordering a couple of large Air Pots for my containerised trees so watch this space!

Acers in Air Pots at Kew Gardens

Acers in Air Pots at Kew Gardens

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