Hey, you!...yes YOU!

My publishers have produced a calendar...and very pretty it is too. It's to get people in the mood for my book, which will be out in March...

...Would you like one? Or two? Or three?

I've got hold of some and I thought I'd sell them for charity.

It's a useful piece of kit...You'll never turn up to work on a bank holiday, or forget Valentine's day with one of these babies.

Be warned, it does have my mug on the front, but that's the bit that faces the wall when you've hung it up, so phew, basically.

Just donate what you want by clicking the button below (minimum donation of £3 per calendar please, to cover my costs), then email me (Laetitia AT laetitiamaklouf.com) with your postal address and how many calendars you want, and I'll send one out to you quick-sticks!

I'll be sending the profits to RSPCA who help animals out of truly hideous situations, so please give generously...it's Christmas.


...and if you've never, ever shared or re-tweeted or told someone about a post before...then please make this your first time...I'd love to raise LOTS of money for this wonderful charity xxx